Govt. Degree College Mahanpur

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Government Model Degree College Mahanpur committing itself as a dynamic institution of higher learning for the intellectual enrichment of minds to produce valuable and harmonious human resource suitable to serve the community and striving to ultimately become a full fledged University of Excellence.



To grow as a centre for generating intellectual wealth by offering high quality, Varied and relevant academic programs that foster critical thinking among the Youth to create a knowledge society.


To promote and instill the ethics of social, cultural, national and global Significance among the youth through higher social interactions and extension Programmes that make them enlightened and responsible citizens.


To ceaselessly audit, introspect and evaluate the existing mechanisms, Upgrade them to make them relevant and innovate to achieve educational Excellence.

About Government Model Degree College Mahanpur


The College was established in 2011 with the foundation stone laid by Ch. Lal Singh (Ex Minister of Forest & Wildlife ) Like many other colleges , the first batch of students was enrolled in the make shift campus at the Government Higher Secondary School Mahanpur. Braving great odds, the students continued with their studies in the temporary campus till 2017. A pleasant turn came on October 17, 2017 when staff and College Principal made commendable efforts to accomplish the daunting task of shifting to the new campus. The Honorable Ex-Minister flagged off the students and staff to move towards new campus on foot and now, the college has a campus of its own, it's likely to grow at even a more staggering pace.


The history of Mahanpur cannot be studied in isolation. It has to be studied in relation to the history of Basohli: The city of Basohli dates back to the period of the Indus Valley Civilization-largest Ancient Civilization in the world, it was called Vishvasthali. Some temples in the city of Basohli date back to 10,000 years. The current layout of the city resembles the culture of the erstwhile Indus Valley Civilization wherein, the city centre constituted the King's Palace with lord Shiva's temple at its entrance. To the left of the palace the Raj Purohits(the Royal Chief Priests) resided and to its right-the Vaids (the Doctors).


A well-laid out bazaar was in the heart of the city. Based on their castes and professions, the citizens of the place were allocated separate colonies. The Rajputs community which formed the army of the king resided towards the river-side on the outskirts of the Basohli near Plahi and Farnat. The houses were made of bricks and stones. The southern side of the city had a cremation ground. The palace architecture was based on “Vaastu Shastra”. The city had an excellent underground drainage system. All colonies were well watered and several water wells planted everywhere.


On the world map, Basohli is famous for being the birth place of renowned art of pahari Miniatures Known as “Basohli Paintings”.