Friday, 29-Jul-2022

General Instructions
1. This questionnaire has been designed to seek feedback from a student about the quality of teaching and learning.

2. This feedback is fully anonymous. Data will be collated and final data will be shared with the faculty and administration to help them in understanding their strengths and working on their weaknesses.

3. Every student response will be looked at with care and follow up on inputs will be top priority of college administration.

4. This is an ANONYMOUS FEEDBACK meaning that no student identity will be visible on this form. A student need not identify himself/herself anywhere

5. Carefully completing this questionnaire will help both teachers and students and will improve the overall process

6. Student must have at least 60% attendance to be eligible to fill this form

7. The periodicity of feedback will be as follows:
Feed Back - I Mid Semester After 45 Days of start of semester

Feed Back - II End Semester After 90 Days of start of semester

Dear Student,

Please fill in the details below. Please be objective and honest in your opinion while providing feedback about the faculty teaching you a particular course.An honest feedback will help improve the quality of teaching and learning.

Link :

Student Feedback Form 2022